Life, Work and Sermons of John L. Girardeau

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This book is not intended to be an ordinary biography. Dr. Girardeau belonged to a Church and to an age that gave the world an unusual number of extraordinary men, many of whose lives have already been written, covering, in a general way, the most important events that occurred in his time and locality. Its purpose, therefore, is supplemental, showing who he was, and what part he performed in the great movements of his day.

It presents Girardeau chiefly in action and covers only parts of his life. It has been written, for the most part, by men who were associated with him during the times they have described, and by agreement with the Editor, each author has been perfectly free to express his individual opinions.


Table of Contents:

1. Ancestry and Boyhood by George A. Blackburn, D.D.

2. Conversion and Early Ministry by Gerge A. Blackburn

3. Confederate Chaplain by D. W. McLaurin

4. Pastorate After the War by Thomas H. Law

5. Seminary Professor by William T. Hall

6. The Presbyter by R. A. Webb

7. Evolution Controversy by Robert A. Webb

8. The Philosopher by Thornton Whaling

9. The Theologian by Thornton Whaling

10. Examples of Poems and Other Writings by George A. Blackburn

11. The Man by George A. Blackburn



John Lafayette Girardeau (1825–1898) was a Reformed theologian and minister in the Presbyterian Church in the United States.