Life and Letters of General Robert Edward Lee (Jones)

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This book was Dr. Jones' final publication and according to the great historian Douglas Southall Freeman, he "rounded out. . .a service to Confederate historiography that no other man rivaled." All future biographies of General Lee have drawn heavily on this and other works of the prolific Baptist pastor.

This easy-to-read volume is a basic biography of the great Christian general penned by one who knew him as a close friend and confidant and served four years under Lee's command as a private and chaplain.

Table of Contents:

1. Lineage and Boyhood

2. The West Point Cadet and the Young Army Officer

3. The Mexican War

4. From the Mexican War to the War Between the States

5. The First Year of the War Between the States

6. The Second Year of the War

7. The Third Year of the War

8. The Last Year of the War

9. After the War – Promoting Peace

10. The College President

11. Analysis of His Character

12. His Death and Funeral Service and the World’s Tribute to His Memory