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Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free (DeMoss)

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You have been lied to! Have you been deceived? Through a nationwide survey and in-depth discussion groups, Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to the heart of your generation. And here are some things they’ve heard: 
“I know God should be the only thing that satisfies, but if it could be Him and my friends, then I could be happy.”

"It seems like I have been struggling with depression forever. I always feel like I am not good enough.”

“I tell myself that I don’t really listen to the song lyrics, but once I hear a song a few times and start thinking about what they’re saying I realize that it's too late.  It's already stuck in my head."
"For me, the whole wife and mom thing is overrated. It isn’t cool to want a husband and a family.”

Maybe you can identify. Trying to listen to the right voices can be difficult. This book has been written by friends who will help you find the Truth. Maybe your heart is telling you that some things in your life are way off course. Certain habits and relationships have left you confused and lonely. This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

In this book, Nancy and Dannah expose 25 of the lies most commonly believed by your generation. They share real-life accounts from some of the young women they interviewed, along with honest stories about how they’ve overcome lies they believed themselves. They get down in the trenches of the battle with you. Best of all, they’ll show you how to be set free by the Truth.


Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Landscape of Lies

1. The Deceiver
- Where do lies come from?

2. The Deceived
- Where do lies get the power to destroy our lives?

3. The Truth
- How can I purse Truth?

Part 2: Les Young Women Believe

4. Lies About God
- “God is not enough.”

- “God is not really involved in my life.” - “God should fix my problems.”
- God is just like my father.”

5. Lies About Satan
- “Everything bad that happens is spiritual warfare.” - “I’ve never been exposed to satanic activities.”

6. Lies About Myself
- “Beautiful girls are worth more.”
- “I have to perform to be loved and accepted.”

7. Lies About Guys
- “I need a boyfriend.”

- “It’s OK to go out with a non-Christian

- “It’s not really sex.”

- “I can’t handle the loneliness of staying pure.” 8. Lies About Relationship

- “It’s OK to be one person at home and a different person with others...especially online.”
- “If I just had friends, I wouldn’t be so lonely.”
- “I’m my own authority.”

9. Lies About My Faith
- “My youth pastor is my connection to God.” - “Everyone at church is judging me.”
- “Of course I’m a Christian, I...”

10. Lies about Sin
- “I can’t overcome my sin.”

- “In certain situations it’s OK to break the law or rules if I’m not hurting myself or others.”
- “I can’t control myself when I’m ‘PMSing.’”

11. Lies about Media
- “The benefits of constant media use outweigh the harm.” - “It’s not a waste of time...even if it is, it’s OK.”

12. Lies about the Future
- “Having a career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being ‘just’ a wife and mom.”

Part 3: Overcoming Lies

13. How to Stop Fueling the Lies
- Stop listening to and dwelling on them

14. How to Find Freedom from the Lies - Replace lies with the Truth

15. The Truth That Sets Us Free
- Powerful Truths to counter everyday lies 



Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is the host and teacher for Revive Our Hearts, a daily radio program for women heard on 250 stations. Since 1979, she has served on the staff of Life Action Ministries in Niles, Michigan. She has authored or coauthored eighteen books.