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Lessons I Learned from My Little Girl (Hankey) (NS-CL)

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From the very beginning, becoming a parent changes you. From first seeing their heart beat on a scan, to holding your little one in your arms, having children helps you see the world, your place in it, and how your Father God relates to you, in a completely new way. In this beautifully illustrated book Dai Hankey shares some of the lessons he learned when his first little girl was born.

A tender account of a father’s love for his child and his journey into parenthood, this is a lovely gift for new or prospective parents.



Dai Hankey is a church planter in Wales who leads Red Community, a Christian charity that fights human trafficking in Wales. He is married to Michelle and they have 4 children.



The Bible makes it clear that parents bear the privilege and responsibility of training up their children. Yet children have a way of training up their parents at the same time. I loved hearing what Dai Hankey has learned about life and faith through raising his precious little girl.

- Tim Challies, Blogger at


 As a Dad of 4 crazy kids I know at times that I have missed the wonderful things God wants to show and teach me about himself and how much he loves me, through their little lives. In this lovely book Dai helps us see how much God the Father loves us and has done for us. The stories about Elen took me to memories and stories I have about my own kids which stirred my affections for them, but more importantly for Jesus. Dai brings out the clear gospel truths we so often miss in the everyday of looking after our kids. A great book that will stir the hearts of Christians but would be a wonderful gift for any parent.

- Steve Robinson, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Liverpool, UK


Such a lovely book explaining the gospel through the eyes of a first–time father. It would make a great evangelistic gift; but it’s full of heart–warming truths for believers too. A wee gem.  

- Emma & Glen Scrivener, Author of ‘A New Name’ & Director and Evangelist at Speak Life


This is a beautifully put together little book that will have a profound impact on all who read it. And read it you should! Pause on the deep truths that are written from the heart, take a moment to consider your life and its meaning. Make sure your friends read it.

- Carl Beech, UK Director, The Message Trust & President, Christian Vision for Men


This is a delightful book that also has some powerful things to say. I guarantee it will bring a lump to the throat or a tear to the eye of even the most hardened reader.

- Tim Chester, Pastor of Grace Church, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire