Ladies of the Reformation (Westminster Discount) (Alexander)

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Throughout the history of the church of God there has been a succession of women who have been shining examples in their life and witness.

Read the story of brave Sibylla of Cleves who defied the emperor Charles V and Katherine the Heroic who held the terrible Duke of Alva at bay in her own castle. Also retold are the stories of four Reformers' wives Anna (Zwingli), Katherine (Luther), Idelette (Calvin), & Marjorie (Knox).

The renowned author of "More Than Notion" and "From Darkness to Light", J. H. Alexander writes the poignant stories of several outstanding ladies of this era.


Table of Contents:
Two French Queens
Marguerite de Valois
Jeanne d’Albrecht
Four German Princesses
Elizabeth of Brandenburg
Elizabeth of Brunswick
Sibylla of Cleves
Katharine of Schwartzburg
Four Reformers’ Wives
Anna Reinhard, wife of Zwingli
Katherine von Bora, wife of Luther
Idelette de Bure, wife of Calvin
Marjorie Bowes, wife of Knox
One English Duchess
Katharine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk
Three Netherlander Martyrs
Wendelmuta Klaus
Lysken Dirks
Merouw Robert Oguieur
Another Royal Princess
Charlotte de Bourbon, wife of William of Orange