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Knowing and Living the Christian Life (Clearance) (Beeke)

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Product Description

Christ is the essence of life. To live with purpose and joy, we must know Him and live out of him personally and experientially. The theme of Christ-centered living runs like a scarlet thread throughout these fifty-two weekly devotions, aiming fo rthe conversion of the unsaved and for the spiritual growth of believers.

Adapted from radio addresses, these messages are intended to assist a variety of readers on knowing and living the Christian life. They address the unsaved, those seeking for salavtion, the healthy and the backsliding Christian, and young people.

Table of Contents:

  1. An Appointment You Will Keep
  2. How to Live Through Affliction Christianly
  3. Pastoral Advice to the Impressed but “Unconverted”
  4. A Call for Return to God’s Attributes
  5. The First Gospel Promise
  6. Divine Teaching
  7. A Vital Difference
  8. Following Christ
  9. Submission
  10. Self-Flattery
  11. The Lost Son Restored
  12. The Calling of Zacchaeus
  13. The Fruits of Christ’s Call to Zacchaeus
  14. The Nature of True Repentance
  15. The Necessity of True Repentance
  16. The Father’s Gift
  17. Daniel (1): How to Resist Temptation
  18. Daniel (2): How to Go Through Trial
  19. Daniel (3): How to Live
  20. Is Your Religion Like Abel’s or Cain’s?
  21. Good News for Sinners
  22. The Divine Mandate
  23. Christmas: Room for Christ?
  24. New Year’s Eve: Taking Inventory
  25. Growth in a New Year: What Kind?
  26. God’s Lamb for a Burnt Offering (1)
  27. God’s Lamb for a Burnt Offering (2)
  28. Christ’s Mission on Earth
  29. The Effects of God’s Saving Grace
  30. The Prince of Life vs. the King of Terrors
  31. Approaching Danger for Sluggards
  32. All Things Working Together for Good (1)
  33. All Things Working Together for Good (2)
  34. Seeking Real Things
  35. Reactions to Jesus Christ
  36. The Godly Man’s Picture (1)
  37. The Godly Man’s Picture (2)
  38. The Godly Man’s Picture (3)
  39. Easter Applied: “Mary!” “Rabboni!”
  40. The Resurrection of Christ
  41. What Think Ye of Christ? (1)
  42. What Think Ye of Christ? (2)
  43. National Repentance Needed: Ezra’s Example
  44. Ascension and Pentecost
  45. Life’s Most Important Questions
  46. Our Call to Cultivate Holiness
  47.  How to Cultivate Holiness
  48. Encouragements for Cultivating Holiness
  49. Obstacles to Cultivating Holiness
  50. Pentecost Fully Come
  51. The Spirit’s Quickening to Spiritual Life
  52. Reviewing the Past and Facing the Future in Christ 



Joel R. Beeke (PhD, Westminster Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan; editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth; editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books; and a prolific author.

Reverend James D. Greendyk is pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation of Fort Macleod, Alberta. He is a regular contributor to The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth.



"These fifty-two short, pointed, and instructive meditations provide a Biblical tonic which will help to put you on your feet spiritually and encourage you in real Christian living." - Sinclair B. Ferguson

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