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Killing Calvinism: How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside (Dutcher)

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Cruciform Press
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“When a corrective like this comes from within a movement, it is a sign of health” –John Piper

Something wonderful is happening in Western Evangelicalism. A resurgence of Calvinism is changing lives, transforming churches, and spreading the gospel. The books are great, the sermons are life-changing, the music is inspirational, and the conferences are astonishing. Will this continue or will we, who are part of it all, end up destroying it?

That depends on how we live the message.

As “insiders” of the Calvinist resurgence, there are at least eight ways we can mess everything up. Learn what they are and how to avoid killing off a perfectly good theology.

Table of Contents:

1. By Loving Calvinism as an End in Itself

2. By Becoming a Theologian Instead of a Disciple

3. By Loving God’s Sovereignty More Than God Himself

4. By Losing an Urgency in evangelism

5. By Learning Only from Other Calvinists

6. By Tidying Up the Bible’s ‘Loose Ends’

7. By Being an Arrogant Know-It-All

8. By Scoffing at the Hang-ups Others Have with Calvinism



Greg Dutcher (M.Div., Biblical Theological Seminary) pastored an Evangelical Free Church in Catonsville, Maryland for six years before sensing a call to plant Christ Fellowship Church in Harford County, Maryland. He has served as Senior Minister of Christ Fellowship since its inception in 2003. He is the author of two recent books with Discovery House publishers, You Are the Treasure That I Seek: But There’s a Lot of Cool Stuff Out There, Lord (2009), and Living Free in Enemy Territory: Christ’s Triumph over Satan (2011). Greg and his wife, Lisa, have four children.



“This book blew me away! Greg Dutcher skillfully diagnosed how I kill the very truth I love by my hypocrisy, pride, anger, and judgmental attitude. This book will serve a young generation of Calvinists. But the older generation had better heed it, too. There’s medicine here for all our hearts, and taking this medicine will make us more joyful and more humble when making our glorious God known.” - Thabiti Anyabwile, Author; Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman; Council Member, The Gospel Coalition

“Many Calvinists will find reading this book to be a painful experience. But medicine is like that. The good news is that a healthy dose of Dutcher’s wisdom will go a long way in bringing spiritual health to the young, restless, and reformed.” - Sam Storms, Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City