Keeping Your Cool: A Teen's Survival Guide (Priolo)

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Do you have a teenager with a lot of pent-up anger? Well, if you do, share Keeping Your Cool: A Teens Survival Guide with them. It is not biblical to be walking around with a load of anger toward parents, themself, and everyone else. Author and counselor Lou Priolo takes his years of experience in defusing anger in teenagers and puts it in a book designed to be read "by" teenagers. But Mom and Dad, We want you to read it, too! This breakthrough book provides helpful information on topics like:

  • Learning how to communicate properly
  • How to maintain your cool when provoked
  • How to manage your manipulating tendencies
  • Using "the appeal process"
  • How to handle rejection and hurt
  • And undoing disrespect

Lou also shows teens how to journal anger experiences to better understand why and how they get angry. Help your angry teen put his/her life back on a God-glorifying track!


Table of Contents:

  1. I’m Not Angry!
  2. The Volcano and the Clam
  3. Learning to Communicate
  4. Maintaining Your Cool
  5. How to Handle Rejection and Hurt
  6. Provocative Parents
  7. Journaling Your Anger
  8. Getting to the Heart of Anger, Part 1
  9. Getting to the Heart of Anger, Part 2
  10. Undoing Disrespect
  11. Managing Manipulation
  12. The Appeal Process
  13. How to Talk to Your Parents about Their Sin
  14. What Does It Mean to Be a Teen?

Appendix A: How to Become a Christian

Appendix B: How to Respond to Reproof

Appendix C: Parental Provocation Worksheet

Appendix D: Idolatrous ‘Loves’ in the Bible

Appendix E: Common Ways in Which Teenagers Sin against Their Parents

Appendix F: Parental Evaluation Form

Appendix G: Extra Journals  



Lou Priolo is the Director of the Eastwood Counseling Ministry in Montgomery, Alabama. He is a graduate of Calvary Bible College and Liberty University. Lou has been a full-time biblical counselor and instructor for more than twenty-three years, and is a Fellow of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. He lives in Wetumpka, Alabama, with his wife Kim and his daughters Sophia and Gabriella



“Being a teenager is hard. Finally help is in print! Lou Priolo shows what teenage angers is and where it comes from. Open these pages and you will find hope, encouragement and the Savior.” – Rich Holland, co-founder Resolved and Anchored youth conferences

“FINALLY! A practical handbook for teens on how to cope with and handle their anger! In the midst of an angry world and an angry culture, this timely book will do a world of good for any teenager or adult desiring to improve his or her relationship with God and with other people”. – Joel R. Beeke, Pastor, Heritage Netherlands Congregation, Grand Rapids, MI