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Joseph: A Story of Love, Hate, Slavery, Power, and Forgiveness (Lennox)

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The life of Joseph detailed in the book of Genesis is a story of love, hate, slavery, power, and forgiveness. Although written thousands of years ago, it has a timeless quality that still probes the depths of the human experience.

In this thoughtful and devotional book, scholar John Lennox emphasizes the major themes present in Joseph’s story—such as suffering, temptation, forgiveness, faith, and God’s sovereignty—and applies them to readers at a personal level. This detailed look at Joseph’s life in its broader context will invite us into a deeper trust of God in the face of suffering and hardship.



Part 1: The Broader Context in Genesis

 1. The Structure of Genesis
 2. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
 3. Isaac and His Sons4.
 4. Jacob and Family Return to the Promised Land; Meeting God and Esau
 5. Jacob in Shechem; the Violation of Dinah

Part 2: Joseph, His Father, and His Brothers

 6. Preliminary Considerations
 7. The Genesis of Hatred
 8. The Brothers’ Revenge
 9. Judah’s Family Life
 10. An Introduction to Egypt
 11. Joseph in the House of Potiphar
 12. Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife
 13. Joseph in Prison
 14. Joseph’s Rise to Power
 15. The Path of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Act 1
 16. The Nature of Forgiveness
 17. The Path of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Act 2
 18. The Path of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Act 3
 19. Israel Comes To Egypt
 20. The Last Days of Israel and Joseph

 Appendix 1: Major Divisions of Ancient Egyptian History

General Index
Scripture Index



John C. Lennox (PhD, Cambridge University; DPhil, Oxford University) is professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of Oxford and an associate fellow of Oxford’s Said Business School. Lennox has published more than seventy scholarly papers and coauthored two research-level texts in mathematics. He is author of a number of books on the relations of science, philosophy, and biblical understanding, including Gunning for God and Against the Flow.



“Deep, rich, and nourishing—Joseph is vintage Lennox. He has the rare gift of opening life as well as the biblical text, so that we come away understanding God’s ways more clearly and trusting him more fully.”  -Os Guinness, author, The Call


“I thought I really knew the story of Joseph—but was thrilled by the fact that in chapter after chapter, there were so many fresh insights. If you don’t believe me, just turn to the chapter on Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. John Lennox has written a riveting commentary on one of the timeless characters of the Bible.”  -Rico Tice, Senior Minister (Evangelism), All Souls Church, London


“You may think this story is familiar, but again and again Lennox brings forth new gems in this expert guide through Joseph’s dysfunctional family history. Despite the depth of tragedy, God brought hope.”  -Peter J. Williams, Principal, Tyndale House, Cambridge; author, Can We Trust the Gospels?