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Jonathan Edwards Special Pack

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications

1. The Freedom of the Will

Many scholars believe this work, published in 1754, is the most important argument against Arminianism published in America. Freedom of the Will is divided into four parts. The first deals with terminology; the nature and determination of the will; the meaning of necessity, impossibility, and contingency; the distinction between natural and moral necessity; and the nature of moral agency and liberty. The second considers the possibility of self-determination. The third analyzes divine agency regarding human beings and the world. In the conclusion, Edwards anticipates the reception the work will receive.


2. Altogether Lovely: The Glory and Excellency of Jesus Christ

Jonathan Edwards is considered by many historians to be one of the greatest intellects of his age. Even today, Edwards’s sermons and writings challenge the minds and inflame the hearts of Christians everywhere. The sermons included in Altogether Lovely reveal Jonathan Edwards’s deep affection for the glory and excellency of Jesus Christ.


3. To the Rising Generation: Addresses Given to Children and Young Adults

This compilation of sermons by the great Jonathan Edwards contains fourteen sermons, nine of which have never been published. Years before the Great Awakening, Edwards had been telling children and youth to seek salvation. By the end of his tenure at his church in Northampton, he had delivered thirty sermons addressing children and young adults. Also included is a list of Bible Questions for the Children of Northampton that Edwards expected his young people to know – some of which would prove difficult for today’s seminarians.