Into Their Hands at any Cost (Yoder)

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Bible smuggler. These words immediately conjure pictures of courageous people who risked their lives crossing borders, braving checkpoints, and working at night to avoid the watchful eye of the secret police. These people carried the precious Word of God into and throughout communist countries, and finally into the hands of eager, awaiting believers.Into Their Hands records the stories of smugglers and their ingenious ways to transport Bibles. Brave? Yes. But they were human just like us. They battled fear and discouragement. They struggled with knowing whom to trust. But the thought of eager hands reaching out to claim their manna from heaven kept driving the secretive network of Bible smuggling on.from chapter 16Miriam's eyes widened as she looked at the object in Alexandru's strong fingers. The clothbound book was black - could it be?What is it? The question came out in a whisper as Miriam advanced slowly, her eyes fixed on the book.A Bible! Pavel gave us a Bible! Alexandru said with emotion.A Bible! For us? Her voice barely worked.Yes, for you, Pavel replied joyfully.Alexander handed the Bible to his wife. Miriam reverently opened the pages.But is it really for us? she questioned again, closing the Bible and hugging it against her chest. For us to keep? Author Harvey Yoder and his wife Karen live near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the scenic mountains of western North Carolina. They have been married for over forty years and have five children and four grandchildren. In additon to his writing, Harvey manages a JCPenney catalog store. He has traveled all over the world writing his thirteen other books, most of which have been published by Christian Aid Ministries.Endorsements "" -