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How Can I Know for Sure?: Christian Answers to Hard Questions (Garner) (NS-CL)

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To many, the only remaining certainty in our world is uncertainty. Pluralism has convinced us that unchanging truth, if it exists at all, is entirely beyond our grasp. All we are left with is a circular argument in which all the answers come from us. Only the authoritative voice of Scripture can dispel such clouds of doubt and confusion. Garner shows us that we can know truth, and know it with assurance.

Written to equip and strengthen laypeople in their defense of the faith, Christian Answers to Hard Questions challenges contemporary opposition to Christianity with concise, practical answers.


David B. Garner (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. Follow him on Twitter @davidb_garner.


“Rich in thought and vivid in style . . . deftly leads us through some of the most important questions a person can ever ask.”

—Guy Prentiss Waters, Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi


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