How Can I Do All Things for God's Glory? - Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series - 10 Pack (Pipa)

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Christians often talk about “glorifying God,” but have we used this phrase so often and without thinking about what it means that it has become an empty slogan? In this booklet, Joseph A. Pipa helps us understand what God’s glory is, the ways we glorify Him, principles we can follow for glorifying God in all things, and motivations for pursuing this chief duty and delight. 


About the Author:


Joseph A. Pipa Jr. is president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.




“Man’s chief end and the Christian’s desire is to glorify God and enjoy Him. But many Christians struggle with what a God-glorifying life actually looks like in the everyday circumstances of life. Dr. Pipa lets the Bible and the Reformed confessions speak directly to the issue. He offers succinct, practical, and biblical counsel that charts the course for a doxological life even in what may be the most mundane of circumstances. In this booklet, he effectively brings the theology of divine glory into the home, school, and workplace. Pipa makes it clear that the way to glorify God is by becoming more and more overwhelmed with the God of glory. This is a short read that will help the believer fulfill the purpose of his existence.”

Michael Barrett, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids