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Homosexuality: Christian Truth and Love (Brown, ed.)

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Homosexuality has hardly been out of the news in the last few years. This book looks at the issue from the viewpoint of a Christian faith based squarely on the Bible. So two important chapters consider carefully what the Bible says about sexuality in general and then what it says about homosexual behaviour. But there is much more including an examination of the attitude of the Christian church in history a look at homosexuality from a medical perspective.

It reviews recent legislation, its possible impact upon Christians and churches, and gives some guidance on a Christian response. It covers the pastoral response in the local church and concludes with a testimony which introduces the work of True Freedom Trust. The Christian position is one which is now widely misunderstood and is often thought to be merely a matter of prejudice if not of actual animosity to homosexual people. But, so this book argues, it is a principled view which comes in the context of all that the Bible says about God and man, about truth and love and the gospel of grace.


Table of Contents:

  1. Learning from the Past – Kenneth Brownell
  2. Just Genetics? – Peter Saunders 
  3. The Bible: Sexuality and Marriage
  4. The Bible: Homosexual Practice – Paul Brown
  5. Equality for Whom? – Roger Hitchings
  6. Pastoral Response in the Local Church – Declan Flanagan
  7. Martin’s Story – Martin Hallett