Holding Fast the Faithful Word & The Ruling Elder- 2 Pack (Miller)

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Holding Fast the Faithful Word

Resolved, that, by the grace of God, I will not merge my office as a minister of the gospel, in that of professor. I will still preach as often as my Master gives me opportunity and strength. I am persuaded that no minister of the gospel, to whatever office he may be called, ought to give up preaching. He owes it to his ordination vows, to his office, to his Master, to the church of God, to his own character, to his own soul, to go on preaching to his last hour. Lord, give me grace to act on this principle!

With this commitment in place, Samuel Miller entered his career at Princeton Seminary determined not to allow his professorial duties to diminish his calling as a minister of the gospel. And with such conviction, Miller did, indeed, continue preaching unto the last days of his life. Holding Fast the Faithful Word collects a number of sermons Miller had published during his ministry. Miller’s sermons are models of organizational clarity. His main headings are easily discerned, and he always provides practical applications from the doctrines contained in his discourses.

The Ruling Elder

According to the Scriptures, the Body of Christ is to be ruled by a plurality of elders elected by and accountable to the people of each congregation. One of the most complete treatises ever written on the Presbyterian system of church government, this book details the historical basis and scriptural qualifications for the office of ruling elder.


Samuel Miller (1769–1850) was a Presbyterian minister and served as professor of ecclesiastical history and church government at Princeton Theological Seminary.