History of the Protestant Church in Hungary (D'Aubigne)

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This reprint marks the first time the volume has been printed since the original edition in 1854. It is an account of the arrival and growth of Christianity in Hungary. In the midst of severe persecution that continued from generation to generation the strengthening hand and faithfulness of the Lord is clearly seen. This is the story of some of our Christian brothers and sisters who triumphantly ran the race set before them in their day. 

This volume exemplifies how history should be written from a Christian perspective. By reading only a few random pages one might well think the Gospel light would be snuffed out by the forces of darkness, yet the light continued to shine sometimes more brightly and sometimes less brightly from one generation to the next. 



First Period: From the Earliest Times Till the Peace of Vienna, 1608

Second Period: From the Peace of Vienna till the Convention of Szathmar, 1608-1711

Third Period: From the Peace of Szathmar to the Death of Leopold II, 1712-1792

Fourth Period: From Joseph II to Francis Joseph I, 1780-1849