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Harvesting Martin Luther's Reflections on Theology, Ethics, and the Church (Wengert)

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As profound as Martin Luther's ideas are, this giant of church history was concerned above all with practical instruction for daily Christian living. Harvesting Martin Luther's Reflections highlights this concern of Luther, mining his thought in key areas of doctrine, ethics, and church practice. Gathering noteworthy contributions by well-known Luther scholars from Europe and the Americas, this book ranges broadly over theological questions about baptism and righteousness, ethical issues like poverty and greed, and pastoral concerns like worship and spirituality. There are even rare discussions of Luther's perspective on marriage and on Islam. As a result, Harvesting Martin Luther's Reflections is both a state-of-the-art discussion of Lutheran themes and an excellent introduction for newcomers to Luther's work.

Table of Contents:

Foreword – David C. Steinmetz

Introduction – Timothy J. Wengert

The Catechetical Luther

1. Luther on Baptism – Mark D. Tranvik

2. Luther on the Two Kinds of Righteousness – Robert Kolb

3. Luther’s Seal as an Elementary Interpretation of His Theology – Dietrich Korsch

4. Luther on Creation – Johannes Schwanke

5. Luther on the Resurrection – Gerhard Sauter

Luther and God’s World

6. Luther on Vocation – Karlfried Froehlich

7. Luther on Poverty – Carter Lindbery

8. Luther on Greed – Ricardo Willy Rieth

9. Luther on Marriage – Scott Hendrix

10. Luther on the Turks and Islam – Gregory J. Miller

Luther and Christ’s Church

11. Luther on the Reform of Worship – Helmar Junghans

12. Luther on the Psalter – Carl Axel Aurelius

13. Martin Luther’s Reformation of Spirituality – Scott Hendrix 



"This collection brings together in one volume some of the finest essays written on Luther in recent years by leading scholars in the field. The selection is at once stimulating, provocative, and enlightening, covering familiar territory in new ways and breaking fresh ground with grace and thoughtfulness. This book will be welcomed by scholars and students alike — indeed, by all who want to reconsider the life and thought of one of the West's most formidable theological and ecclesiastical minds. Timothy Wengert is to be congratulated for putting together such a delightful book. Luther scholarship at its best!" - Carl R. Trueman