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Grace and Glory: Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary (Vos)

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Introduction by R. Scott Clark

These sermons were preached at the chapel of Princeton Seminary and first published in 1922. These are not mere outlines or sketches of sermons, but are full manuscripts of the addresses delivered by the revered professor before his students and fellow faculty members. 

Table of Contents:

I. The Wonderful Tree (Hosea 14:8)
II. Hungering and Thirsting After Righteousness (Matthew 5:6)
III. Seeking and Saving the Lost (Luke 19:10)
IV. "Rabboni" (John 20:16)
V. The More Excellent Ministry (2 Corinthians 3:18)
VI. Heavenly-Mindedness (Hebrews 11:9-10)


"Dr. Vos is, in my judgment, the most penetrating exegete it has been my privilege to know, and I believe, the most incisive exegete that has appeared in the English-speaking world in this century." - John Murray

"If there is one volume (by Vos) that deserves to be read by laity and clergy alike it is this little collection of chapel messages - Read these sermons as illustrations of how Vos read Scripture. Let him take you by the hand, as it were, to the text and through the text of Scripture, to the Word incarnate." - R. Scott Clark, from the New Introduction 

"Often more respected than understood, Vos continues to fascinate and enthrall. These sermons reveal the penetrating exegetical insights of some of the most fascinating and powerful sermons ever preached. A century later, they continue to make us gasp in wonder and admiration, driving to read and then re-read these lines to behold the treasure that lies beneath the surface." - Derek W. H. Thomas

"In the words of F. F. Bruce on the cover of The Pauline Eschatology, these sermons, too, are '... indeed outstandingly great ... a rare exegetical feast.' They also remain a source of deep edification for the church today as they will for still future generations." - Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Charles Krahe Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

The uniqueness of Vos's emphasis on the centrality of the covenantal work of Jesus Christ in history and our possession of that work through His mediation draws us back time and again to his powerful and passionate sermons. Translated to the realm of glory itself through the proclamation of the accomplished work of our covenant Lord, and by the gift of His Spirit, we partake of unparalleled communion with God and possess Him as our highest treasure presently in Christ as our covenant God. Short of the consummation we have made His glory and joy in His people our chief end in this pilgrim life. 

In his first sermon, "The Wonderful Tree," Vos sets the theme of his entire collection of sermons, the gift of Jehovah to His creatures to be their delight and personal possession through the covenant. In "Heavenly-Mindedness," Vos explicates the nature of true faith as that which lays hold of God Himself in glory, living in the hope of the eternal life of God in the city of God by resurrection.

"In an age rife with practical theology and anti-doctrinal Christianity, Vos calls us back to the Word to allow it to speak for itself. While Vos is perhaps lesser known as a preacher, here in 'Grace and Glory' we get a taste of what one dear saintly lady described as spiritual 'blueberry cheesecake.' Enjoy!!" - R. Daniel Knox, Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Sewickley, PA


Geerhardus Vos (1862-1949) was an American, Reformed theologian and one of the most distinguished representatives of the Princeton Theology. He is sometimes called the father of Reformed Biblical Theology. Vos moved and joined the faculty of the Princeton Theological Seminary, where he became its first Professor of Biblical Theology. At Princeton, he taught alongside J. Gresham Machen and B. B. Warfield and authored his most famous works, including: Pauline Eschatology (1930) and Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments (1948).