Gospel Remission (Burroughs)

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In 20 sermons Burroughs shows that the true blessedness of the human heart stems from the knowledge that God has perfectly pardoned my sin! The entire volume is built from Psalm 32:1 (“Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven / whose sin is covered”). “There is nothing in all the world that so much concerns us as to know how things stand with us in relation to God and our souls, whether we are pardoned or not. A mistake in this is a wonderful mistake, and yet how many thousands are there who venture the weight of this great business upon poor, weak, and slight grounds, yea, rather, on mere suggestions of their own heart” (p. 175).


Table of Contents:

  1. The Text Opened and the Maind Doctrine Propounded
  2. The Blessedness of the Pardon of Sin Appears
  3. Eleven Wonderful Mysteries of Godliness in Forgiveness of Sin
  4. Pardon of Sin is Not Only a Mercy in Itself, But the Foundation of Many Other Mercies
  5. Pardoning Mercy Passes Through a Great Many Difficulties
  6. Pardoning Mercy Comes from the Fountain of God's Everlasting Love
  7. Pardoning Mercy Is a Word that All the Three Persons in the Trinity are Engaged In
  8. Pardoning Mercy Is a Perfect Mercy
  9. Pardining Mercy Is an Irrevocable Mercy
  10. Pardoning Mercy Is Such a Mercy as is Denied to Fallen Angels
  11. Pardoning Mercy is Given But to a Few
  12. How the Possibility of Pardoning Mercy Would be Prized by Poor Souls Now Under Wrath
  13. Pardon of Sin Is the Special End of All God's Ordinances
  14. Dishonor Is Done by Men to the Pardoning Grace of God by Slighting It
  15. Dishonor Done to the Grace of God by Not Resting on It
  16. Men Make Several Mistakes About the Pardon of Their Sins
  17. The True Evidences of Forgiveness of Sin
  18. Rules How to Apply the Evidences of the Pardon of Sin
  19. Exhortation to Seek After Pardon of Sin, with Cautions and Rules How to Seek, and What We are to Do
  20. Encouragement to Seek After Pardon of Sin


The Gospel Life Series

Paul write to Titus that we are to adorn the doctrine of God in all things. This series of books by Jeremiah Burroughs, Puritan preacher in London in the 1600s, shows us how to do just that. We are to adorn the doctrine of God in our worship (Gospel Worship); we are to adorn the doctrine of God in our reverence (Gospel Fear); and we are to adorn the doctrine of God in our conduct (Gospel Conversation). To adorn the doctrine of God, we must know God and Christ (Gospel Revelation); we must know the blessedness that comes from having our sins forgiven (Gospel Remission); and we must know the marvelous plan of salvation that God offers to us (Gospel Reconciliation). 



Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) was loved for his preaching and gentle spirit and was persecuted for his nonconformity to the Church of England. Feeling compelled to flee to Holland for a time, he eventually returned to England and preached to congregations in Stepney and Cripplegate in London, two of the largest congregations in England. He also served as a member of the Westminster Assembly until his death in 1646.