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Gospel Conversation (Burroughs)

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The conduct of believers must be better than that of unbelievers. Believers must pursue a holy life. In his day, Jeremiah Burroughs' heart was grieved to see that a holy life was not common among professing Christians. One can only imagine how grieved his heart would be if he was were living today.

Burroughs judged the power of godliness not to consist in high, lofty speculation regarding theological minutia, but rather in a holy conversation, a holy conduct. He shows that to live a holy life, a Christian must first be acquainted with the root from which all holiness must spring. Unless we do all for and from Christ, our lusts will not be mortified, our duties will not be accepted, and our consciences will not be purified. We shall not be strengthened against affliction, neither shall we persevere. We must not be brought to glory in ourselves, but in Jesus Christ.


Table of Contents:

Sermon on Philippians 1:28

Sermon 1

What is the Gospel of Christ?

What is it to Live as Becomes the Gospel?

Doctrine 1: Christians who profess the gospel must have a great care for their conversations

Application Arguments to Stir You Up


Sermon 2

Rules to Stir up Christians to be Careful of their Conversations

Doctrine 2: Every kind of conversation of professors is not enough. It must rise to that height as must be suitable to the gospel of Christ, meet for the gospel they profess

Sermon 3

Two considerations for those who live under the gospel

The Covenant of Works for Eternal Life

The Ministration of the Law by Moses

Life under the Gospel

Doctrine 3: If you would have your conversations to be such as becomes the gospel, it must be suitable to what the gospel hold forth unto you

Eleven principles expounded in the gospel:

1. The Infinite Love of God to Mankind

Sermon 4

2. The Infinite Willingness of God to be at Peace with Mankind

3. The Infinite Mercy of God

4. God’s Justice shall not be Wronged

5. God is Set upon Satisfying the Law

Sermon 5

6. God’s Hatred of Sin

7. The Great Price of Souls

8. God has put Honor upon Human Nature

Sermon 6

9. Our Conversation Should be Suitable to Spiritual Worship

10. The Spiritual Union We have with Christ

Sermon 7

11. The Great Change it Makes in a Man



Sermons on John 18:36

Sermon 8

Christ has a Kingdom

Christ’s Kingdom is a Different Kind of Kingdom

Sermon 9

The Privileges of the Kingdom of Christ


Why it is Good the Kingdom of Christ is Not of this World

Sermon 10


About Jeremiah Burroughs

A Summary of the Gospel 


The Gospel Life Series 

Paul write to Titus that we are to adorn the doctrine of God in all things. This series of books by Jeremiah Burroughs, Puritan preacher in London in the 1600s, shows us how to do just that. We are to adorn the doctrine of God in our worship (Gospel Worship); we are to adorn the doctrine of God in our reverence (Gospel Fear); and we are to adorn the doctrine of God in our conduct (Gospel Conversation). To adorn the doctrine of God, we must know God and Christ (Gospel Revelation); we must know the blessedness that comes from having our sins forgiven (Gospel Remission); and we must know the marvelous plan of salvation that God offers to us (Gospel Reconciliation). 



Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) was loved for his preaching and gentle spirit and was persecuted for his nonconformity to the Church of England. Feeling compelled to flee to Holland for a time, he eventually returned to England and preached to congregations in Stepney and Cripplegate in London, two of the largest congregations in England. He also served as a member of the Westminster Assembly until his death in 1646. 



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