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Going Out, Marriage and Sex: What the Bible says about it (Richards & Jones)

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God calls us to follow him in every area of our lives, and one of the most challenging is in the realm of our sexuality. We were beautifully, intricately created as sexual beings, but we are so quickly marred when we disregard God’s instructions. Here, two doctors sensitively address the matter within a clear biblical and medical framework.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why is it a Big Issue?
  2. Three Big Questions
  3. Does God Really Know Best - His Plan or Ours?
  4. Other Issues
  5. What to do if you have made Mistakes?
  6. Seeking Purity
  7. Helpful Biblical References



Dr Chris Richards and Dr Liz Jones are medical doctors working from the north of England. They are presenters and trustees for the charity ‘Lovewise’.



"Dr Chris Richards and Dr Liz Jones have dared to tell it is as it is, by honestly and frankly explaining what the Bible teaches on sex and relationships." — Roger Carswell

"This book gives straight, honest answers to the many questions young people have about love, sex and relationships. It is clearly written, with plenty of real life examples. The authors show that when we trust God with every aspect of our lives, then we find real and lasting happiness." — Sharon James, author and speaker

"This is a fantastic book…It is about remaining pure before marriage and it gives many different reasons why this is wise. Dr Chris Richards and Dr Liz Jones have explored what the Bible teaches on the subject and there are biblical references throughout. As doctors, they give medical reasons why it is best to save sex for marriage. I would recommend every church to make this available to their young people. It is certainly the most concise and honest book I have ever read on the subject." — Susan Woolin, Haworth