God's Greater Glory: The Exalted God of Scripture and the Christian Faith(Ware, NS-CL)

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Though in all things God's Word is the final authority, our Christian tradition, as inherited from centuries of careful reflection and endeavoring to be true to the teaching of Scripture, can greatly enlighten us. Nowhere is this blend of respectful listening to the wisdom of the past and faithfulness to the Bible more necessary than in our contemporary reformulations of the doctrine of God's person.

Bruce Ware believes that while tradition's emphasis on God's metaphysical perfection and His supremacy over the world is correct, we must refine our understanding of the way in which He relates to us. While retaining the deepest concerns of the historic tradition, Ware offers a more rational view of God's dealings with His children–a view that is reflected in Scripture's own testimony of Him. Ware then applies this concept of real divine exaltation and real divine-human relationship to the areas of our prayer life, confidence in God and His guidance of us.


Table of Contents:


1. Considering the Enduring Questions and Necessary Features of Divine Providence

Part One: Foundational Theological Bases for Divine Providence

2. Framework for Understanding God and Creation: God’s Transcendent Self-Existence and Immanent Self-Relatedness

3. Ruling Over Creation: Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom (Features 1-3)

4. Ruling Through Creation: Divine-Human Concurrence (Features 4-5)

5. Ruling With Creation: Divine-Human Relationality (Features 6-10)

Part Two: Practical Christian Relevance of Divine Providence

6. Living Behind God: Veiled to the Purpose of God in Suffering

7. Living Before God: Trusting the Character of God in Prayer

8. Living Under God: Seeing the Generosity of God in Our Service to Him


9. On Narrowing the ‘Distance from Majesty’: Longing to Behold God More as He is


10. Defining Evangelicalism’s Boundaries Theologically: Is Open Theism Evangelical?



Bruce A. Ware (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is professor of Christian theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written numerous journal articles, book chapters, book reviews, and has authored God's Lesser GloryGod's Greater Glory, and Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.