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God from A to Z: Meditations of the Heart (VanKempen)

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"Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised" -so the psalmist extols the Lord (Ps. 48:1). Great in Himself, great in His creation, great in His providence, but above all great in His redemption, in the deliverance of His people, and great is their esteem for Him who saved them- sinners, saved by grace, forgiven of sin, and granted eternal life. For Christ's sake. Who can express who God, the Lord is?

Case Van Kempen helps us in God from A to Z to meditate on the Lord's greatness- God's Abode, God's Beauty, God's God's Zion. These devotional meditations are soundly based on Scripture, experiential in character, and desire to draw us closer to the Lord. On "God's goodness," for example, we read, "Goodness is part of God's lovingkindness for all His elect. God takes our self-made misery, pricking us in our conscience to seek and find the Deliverer from our sins, for which His people in return show their undying gratitude."