Go and Make Disciples!: An Introduction to Christian Missions (Greenway)

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Roger S. Greenway helps his readers understand missions and challenges them to apply Christ’s missionary command to themselves and their churches. He challenges modern missions and provides the proper perspective and motives appropriate to a missionary. He then explains the biblical foundation for missions, analyzing missions work in both the Old and New Testament and the corresponding theological issues raised. He finishes the book by addressing various issues missionaries face, ranging from financial support to training local leadership, and ethical dilemmas to basic preparations for becoming a missionary.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The World to Which Christ Send Us

1. Worldwide Challenges

2. Missionaries: Co-workers with God

3. Motives for Missions

Part 2: The Biblical Foundation of Missions

4. The Old Testament Basis of Missions

5. Missions in the Four Gospels

6. Missions in Acts and the Epistles

7. The Holy Spirit and Missions

8. The Missionary Methods of the Apostle Paul

9. The Gospel and Other Religions

10. The Uniqueness and Finality of Jesus Christ

11. Prayer and Missions

Part 3: Issues in Missions

12. Ministries of Prayer, Healing, and Exorcism

13. Leadership Development for Church Growth

14. The Challenge of the Cities

15. Missions by Word and Deed

16. Pastors, Evangelism, and Missions

17. Financial Support for Missions

18. The Ethics of Evangelism and Missions

19. Missions and Unity Among Christians

20. Preparing to Become a Missionary

Appendix: How to Evangelize and Multiply Churches 



"When it comes to the Christian mission, very often laypersons and students are forced to choose between books that are technical and abstruse, on the one hand, or oversimplified and imbalanced, on the other: No more! God and Make Disciples! is at once biblical, thorough, and readable." — David J. Hesselgrave, Professor Emeritus of Mission, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School