Freedom in the Cave (Lamplighter) (Hoffman)

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In this touching tale, Freedom in the Cave, a young boy named Blondel struggles to come to terms with his life in the gypsy cave. He yearns to escape his dark dwelling and be free from the heavy hand of the gypsy chief, who threatens disobedience with starvation in a deep pit.

When a gypsy raid on a neighboring baron is foiled, Blondel finally has his chance to escape. This newfound freedom allows him to discover the beautiful world he could never see trapped within the cave. Blondel’s darkness, now turned to light, allows him to see the woven tapestry of God’s love from the beauty of creation to the firm foundation that God will never leave nor forsake his children.

Such simple truths are no sooner learned than they are put to the test through disappointing and dangerous circumstances. Only through the darkness of the cave can Blondel really learn that God’s ways are wonderful and truly work together for good to those who love God. Walk with this little blue-eyed gypsy and see if you cannot find freedom in the caves of your life.