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Foster the Family: Encouragement, Hope, and Practical Help for the Christian Foster Parent (Finn)

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Hope and help from a fellow foster parent

There are great rewards that come along with being a foster parent, yet there are also great challenges that can leave you feeling depleted, alone, and discouraged. The many burdens of your day--hurting children, struggling biological parents, and a broken system--are only compounded by the many burdens of your heart--confusion, anxiety, heartache, anger, and fear.

With the compassion and insight of a fellow foster parent, Jamie C. Finn helps you see your struggles through the lens of the gospel, bringing biblical truths to bear on your unique everyday realities. In these easy-to-read chapters, you'll find honest personal stories and practical lessons that provide encouragement and direction from God's Word as you walk the journey of foster parenting.

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Jamie C. Finn is the executive director of Foster the Family, the host of the Real Mom podcast, the founder and owner of Goods and Better, and a sought-after speaker for retreats, conferences, and events for foster and adoptive parents.



"Jamie's honesty and willingness to share all of the beautiful and brutal parts of foster care are so refreshing and encouraging to me as a fellow foster mom. If you are brand-new to fostering or have been fostering for a decade, this book will resonate deeply with you, give you loads of practical advice for the many difficult situations you'll encounter in foster care, help you feel like you aren't alone, and point you to Jesus on the really hard and exhausting days." - Crystal Paine, foster mom, blogger, podcaster, and New York Times bestselling author

"When it comes to encouraging and equipping parents on the foster care journey, Jamie Finn deserves your full attention. I laughed, I cried, I was inspired, and so much more as I read Foster the Family. This is the personal, heartfelt, and inspiring book we need to move us into action. Whether you're new to the foster care journey or a seasoned veteran, this book needs to be on your shelf. You will read it again and again." - Mike Berry, author of Winning the Heart of Your Child and CEO of The Honestly Adoption Company

"Foster parents, adoptive parents, parents of any kind, Foster the Family is a book you will want to read! With real-life stories and practical gospel teaching, Jamie Finn shares openly about the joys and challenges of living out the abundant life here on earth. She reminds us of our ultimate purpose as foster parents and, hint: it's not about the kids! Read this book and let it change your perspective and drive you to closer to the heart of God." - Jami Kaeb, founder and executive director of The Forgotten Initiative

"Foster the Family is a beautifully written story, straight from the heart of my good friend Jamie Finn. Jamie is a masterful storyteller. Her thoughtfulness, vulnerability, and honesty will bring insight and hope to all who read this work of art." - Kristin Berry, author of Keep the Doors Open and co-creator of The Honestly Adoption Company

"This is the book all Christian foster parents need. Jamie Finn writes with wisdom born of experience and the authority of a woman deeply rooted in her faith. You will be encouraged and emboldened in your foster care journey." - Lisa Qualls, coauthor of The Connected Parent

"Jamie masterfully pulls back the curtain of her foster parenting journey for us all to see what the beautifully broken journey looks like--in real life and in real time. Through raw and real stories filled with deep hurts and profound hopes told in a resonating voice that helps put words to your experiences and emotions, you will see yourself throughout. Your heart will be encouraged, your soul will be filled, your mind will be renewed, and your resolve to press on will be strengthened." - Jason Johnson, author of Reframing Foster Care

"Foster the Family is truly a gift to the world of adoption and foster care. I highly recommend this book to every person in the adoption triad. As an adopted person, I was tremendously blessed by this book. Author Jamie Finn offers a welcoming hand to struggling and prospective foster parents. Jamie's biblical teachings are like markers along the way, reminding readers that prayer and God's Word will deepen peace and that total surrender to Jesus is the answer to every human struggle." - Sherrie Eldridge, author of Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew and host of 20 Things Adoption Podcast

"Foster the Family is packed full of honest reflections, actionable wisdom, and heartfelt encouragement for anyone who is in the foster care journey. Jamie has such a huge heart for everyone involved in foster care--foster parents, kiddos, birth families--and you can feel her warmth and love come through the pages as you read. This book is a must-read for anyone currently involved in foster care or for those considering it. You need this book!" - Jenn Hook, coauthor of Replanted and executive director of Replanted Ministry