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For You They Signed (Boyer)

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New Leaf

Explore the spiritual heritage of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence in this timely, engaging book! Through captivating biographical summaries, beautiful sketches, and insightful quotes, students will encounter the signers from each of the 13 states and discover the spiritual heritage that led them to stand on principles of faith and freedom!

In 1776, 56 men signed their names to a document they knew might well mean their certain deaths as traitors to England—Christian Heritage explores the spiritual heritage of these men and the principles that drove them to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in the founding of America.

Through engaging biographical summaries within For You They Signed, students will discover the faith, character, and principles that led men such as John Adams, Charles Carroll, and John Witherspoon to sign the Declaration of Independence.

In Christian Heritage your student will:

  • Explore the lives of the 56 signers of evaluate their character
  • Investigate the Christian principles established by the founders of the Unites States of America
  • Learn the influence of the Declaration of Independence and why it’s still a vital document for us today
  • Discover how the Biblical character traits exhibited by many of the signers can be applied to their own lives