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For the Cause of the Son of God: The Missionary Significance of the Belgic Confession (Bredenhof)

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The Reformation is usually not associated with missionary fervor. Similarly, the confessions of faith produced by Reformed churches have seldom been viewed as missionary statements. This book argues for a reconsideration of these positions. The focus is on the Belgic Confession of faith written in 1561 by the Belgian martyr, Guy de Bres.

Bredenhof argues that the Belgic Confession was an effort on the part of de Bres and the Reformed churches of the Low Countries to reach those they considered to be non-Christians. He demonstrates how the structure of the Confession represents a contextualized witness to sixteenth century Europe. 

For the Cause of the Son of God also looks at missionary uses of the Belgic Confession in the seventeenth and twentieth centuries, both from theoretical and practical perspectives. The church will surely be enriched by a more careful reflection on the relationship between confessions such as the Belgic and the call of Christ to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.



Wes Bredenhof is pastor of Providence Canadian Reformed Church in Hamilton, Ontario, and former missionary among the First Nations in north-central British Columbia.



"The Belgic Confession has been a gospel witness sealed in blood ever since its first edition was thrown over a wall to Roman Catholic authorities inside the castle of Tournai. Dr. Bredenhof sets the Confession at the intersection of biblical, theological, and historical discussions over the church's mission. He draws from international scholarship and a broad array of academic disciplines in providing a holistic challenge to the caricature of the Reformation as an inward-focused neglect of the church's missionary enterprise. Especially interesting is the connection Dr. Bredenhof draws between the Confession and the suffering martyr-witness of the confessing church to a lost world. For the Cause of the Son of God will be welcomed by those who love the Reformed confessional witness to biblical truth and who are zealous for the world-wide preaching of the gospel." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"It would be an understatement to say that Dr. Wes Bredenhof has chosen a neglected topic for this book by studying the missiological relevance of the Belgic Confession. Many missiologists would consider this to be an impossible topic! In our days the idea is widespread that the Belgic Confession has no missiological relevance at all. Yet, Dr. Bredenhof succeeds admirably in arguing that the Beglic Confession has definitive missiological strengths even though it does not set forth a global approach to mission work. Written during a time of persecution, the Beglic Confession aimed to defend and promote the Reformed faith - an evangelistic purpose! In addition, Dr. Bredenhof shows that much of the content of the Belgic Confession, with its emphasis on justification by faith and its Christological focus, is surprisingly relevant for teaching in missionary situations today. What makes reading of Dr. Bredenhof's book all the more interesting are various excursions into historical and contemporary developments, ranging from the mission work of Johannes Megapolensis among the Mohawks to the Christian Reformed Church's endeavor to formulate a Contemporary Testimony." - Dr. Arjan de Visser, Professor of Mission at Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, Hamilton, On, Canada




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