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Fire From Heaven: Times of Extraordinary Revival (Cook)

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Evangelical Press

This work has a history. Since giving a paper on ‘The Forgotten Revival' at the Westminster Conference in 1984, and subsequently a number of addresses in various places on different aspects of that revival movement, friends have urged me to write up the material in book form to ensure a more permanent record of these revivals. My calling as a preacher has kept me from doing this. However, further exhortations have finally prevailed and this book is the result, with occasional evidences of the preacher still present.



Paul E.G. Cook has served as a pastor in churches in England--Northallerton, Shepshed and Hull. He is one of the editors of Christian Hymns and co-wrote Living the Christian life with his wife Faith. Paul and Faith now live in Derbyshire, England, and they have five children and ten grandchildren.



"Paul Cook brings a sharp mind and a warm heart to his subject. He leaves us wanting to read more of these men and these things. The pace never slackens. A delight and an inspiration to read." - Peter Lewis

"In this vital study of certain 'forgotten' revivals, Paul Cook rightly reminds us of the important place that remembering the past has for the Christian, especially in times of spiritual drought and decline - and surely, in many ways, we live in such times. Recalling past examples of revival reminds Christians that God has not for a moment lost his sovereign ability to revive his church, making her like a mighty and invincible host, and to save sinners and to glorify his Name. This book then has a dual purpose: to inform and to inspire. And as such Paul Cook rightly merits that honorable title bestowed by the Puritans on some of their fellows: 'the Lord's remembrance'." - Michael Haykin, Adjunct Professor Church History and Spirituality, Toronto Baptist Seminary