Family-Based Youth Ministry (Devries) (NS-CL)

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Have you tried all the new youth programs? Have you planned one too many wacky activities? Are you frustrated about the size of the youth group? Here's an approach to ministry that takes youth work seriously.

Family-based youth ministry is about adults discipling teens one-on-one and in groups. It is about involving not just the nuclear family but the whole church family--from singles to older adults. More important, it's about incorporating youth into the life of your church.

So stop worrying about the size of your youth group or your budget. Mark DeVries's refreshing approach to youth ministry will show you how your church can reach today's teens and how you can keep them involved in the life of the church. Whether you are a parent, a youth pastor or a church member who cares about teens, you will find in this book an entirely different approach to youth ministry that will build mature Christian believers.


Mark DeVries (MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary) is the founder of Ministry Architects, a consulting team that helps churches and ministry organizations build sustainable ministries for children, youth, young adults, and entire congregations. He served for twenty-eight years as associate pastor for youth and their families at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He has trained youth workers on five continents and has taught courses or been a guest lecturer at a number of colleges and seminaries.


"I appreciate Mark's thoroughness and desire to risk as well as his venture into uncharted territory. Effective youth ministry has always begun in this way. I endorse his premise and support the idea that youth ministry is in a new day requiring new approaches."

Cliff Anderson, Interim Director, Institute for Youth Ministry

"Family ministry as a concept is spreading rapidly throughout the youth ministry culture. Mark DeVries's work demonstrates that he has been and will continue to be a pioneer and pacesetter for that movement."

Richard Dunn, Chairman, Department of Youth Ministry, Trinity College

"This important book by a seasoned minister to youth argues for a Christian approach to young people by way of families--nuclear and ecclesial--rather than pied pipers. It is thoughtful, suggestive and groundbreaking."

Thomas W. Gillespie, President, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Mark DeVries has given us a very clear and readable rationale for rooting our youth ministry within the family structure. This will be one of those books that youth workers find they must read."

Duffy Robbins, Chairman, Department of Youth Ministry, Eastern College