False Coin, True Coin (Dick)

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Journey Forth

We be counterfeiters and smugglers and traitors to the Crown, Cissy thought sadly….And I be a great sinner, almost as bad as Wicket Nidd, my own father. Whom should Cissy Nidd believe? Her father, maker of counterfeit coins? Or John Bunyan, the prisoner in her father's jail who dares to speak of worshiping God in spirit and in truth?

As Cissy endures the horrors of plague and the Great Fire of London, she learns the difference between deceit and righteousness, between the false and the true. But the moment comes when she is faced with a heart-wrenching choice, and like Bunyan himself, she must prove the faithfulness of God.



Lois Dick's writing career spans thirty years, with biography and history as her special interests. She is the author of three biographies for adults, and her stories, flashcard lessons, and magazine articles have been enjoyed by children all over the world.