Faith in the Furnace: Understanding God's Purpose in the Trials of Life (Rees)

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Is it possible for us today to rejoice when we face disappointments, tragedies, persecutions, bereavements and setbacks? In an engaging and highly readable style, Ian Rees shows us that suffering is a normal part of the Christian experience, and that Christians down the ages, from believers in Old Testament times right up to the present day, have often had the experience of their faith being put through the furnace, and that there is a plan and a purpose in our trials, even when we feel God has forgotten us. This is a book that is full of sound biblical teaching, richly illustrated from church history, missionary work, church life and contemporary culture, and written sensitively and in a deeply pastoral manner.



Ian Rees became a Christian at university, converted from solid atheism, and soon entered the ministry, having studied at London Theological Seminary. He was minister of a church in Somerset, subsequently worked with European Christian Mission and is now associate pastor of a church near Northampton, England.



"This book will equip you for the trials that come your way. It is easy to read, very well illustrated and most of all opens up the Scriptures on the massive problems we all face from time to time. Seldom have modern writers displayed such ability to make their work so easy to read, practical and, at the same time, utterly faithful to the Word of God. Those who read this book will thank God for it and those who preach will soon be quoting from it. I hope we will get more from Ian Rees’ pen very soon.’" - Chris Kelly, Minister of Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, England

"‘In Faith in the Furnace, Ian Rees tackles some of the most perplexing questions that Christians face. You may ask, ‘Do we need another book about suffering?’ Positive thinkers may say, ‘No!’ but realists, among whom serious Christians make up a large proportion, will affirm its necessity. Tragedies, cancer, obdurate pain and untimely death raise such vexing questions that we need all the help we can get. An important facet of Christian discipleship involves storing in the closets of our minds the resources we will need to face the inevitable trials that will threaten our faith. In that regard, I would commend Ian Rees for his helpful addition to this genre."  - Eric E Wright, Canada