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Evidence for God: Seven Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God (Christofides)

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Science has served humanity well providing answers to many of our questions and solving many of our problems. For some strange reason however it has been viewed as and used as the arguement against the existence of and need for God – this is a false view and an abuse of science!

In this brief and easy to read book, the author sets out striking evidence for the Creator deeply embedded in science, the universe and in our very makeup.

Please be assured this book requires no previous scientific knowledge, in plain and simple language you will be led to the obvious “God Conclusion” – but more than that, you will be introduced to the Creator Himself!



Born and bred near the town of Burnley, Lancsashire, by the age of 17 Andrew Christofides had come to the conclusion that science had all the answers to ‘life, the universe and everything’ – there was no need or room for God. Following the first year of his degree in Chemistry he had an encounter with the Creator Himself which totally changed his life!

He followed his degree with a PhD in analytical chemistry and worked in industry for 5 years before entering full time Christian service as a young people’s worker and since 2000 he has been Pastor of St Mellons Baptist Church, Cardiff. 

Married to Jill, they have four children and, to date, two grandchildren. Andrew is a keen follower of Burnley football club, an avid Star Trek fan and enjoys keeping up to date with all aspects of science.



"‘The New Atheism’ is on the march today, flooding the media with its core message that God does not exist. But is this the case? As a well-qualified scientist, Dr Andy Christofides makes it crystal clear that we are surrounded by evidence that points in exactly the opposite direction. What is more, he shows that in our own physical, mental and spiritual make-up each one of us possess equally powerful evidence for God. Here is a book to confront the atheist, challenge the sceptic, and confirm the faith of the believer as he or she faces ‘New Atheism’s energetic but empty claims." — John Blanchard, Author, Apologist and Conference Speaker

"Is there any evidence for the existence of God? This is the question that Dr Andy Christofides answers with an unequivocal Yes! in seven short easy-to-understand chapters. Andy shows that there is no excuse for not believing in God. The Psalmist who wrote some three thousand years ago about the fool saying in his heart there is no God is still right today. It is only a fool that would say there is no God when the evidence for the existence of God is so overwhelming 

Drawing on his scientific background (he has a BSc and PhD in Chemistry), Andy shows that evidence from a variety of scientific fields force us to conclude that there is a God. Dr Christofidees also examines other disclipines such as anthropology where he notes that humans have a universal belief in a Divine Being and a God-given conscience that actually tells us right from wrong. The Bible is shown to be a trustworthy book that points to the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, Andy presents a clear exposition of the Gospel and relates how he was converted from atheism to Christianity as a teenager.

I have pleasure in commending this book as it serves a useful tool to put into the hands of those who are searching for God, as well as those who do not believe in God. This book also serves as a valuable guide to help Christians witness to their non-believing friends and relatives about the existence of God." — Dr A J Monty White, BSc, PhD, CChem, MRSC, Author and Speaker, Biblical Foundations