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Everyday Worship: Our Work, Heart and Jesus (Wilkerson)

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Christian Focus Publications

As women busy about our work, we often leave God to the spiritual categories of our lives, seeing our daily occupations as just work. In Everyday Worship, biblical counselor Trisha Wilkerson addresses the underlying heart issues that keep us from seeing all of life lived for God's glory. The challenge of connecting work to worship is as old as the story of Mary and Martha, Wilkerson teaches. The solution, though, is not to choose between worship and work, but rather to worship in our work. As we depend on God, find our confidence in Him, and work as stewards by his grace, our hearts are filled with joy.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Choosing the Good Portion

1. Is Mary Greater Than Martha?

2. Jesus is the Good Portion

3. Who Do We Work For?

4. Ambition: Selfish or Godly?

5. From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

6. Less Control, More Worship

7. ‘Heart’ Battles: Fighting to Worship

Part Two: A Woman Who Fears the Lord

8. Imitate, Don’t Idolize

9. Jesus is Greater Than the Proverbs 31 Woman

10. Fear of the Lord

11. Works with Willing Hands

12. Meekness: True Strength

13. Mission Minded

14. Wise, Worshipful Words

Part Three: Worship: Our Response to Jesus

15. We Need a Gospel Vision

16. We are His Workmanship

17. Prayer Brings Peace

19. Rest for the Weary

Part Four: Heart Change

19. From Busy-Body to Busy Bee

20. From Sluggard to Steward

21. From Independence to Dependence

22. From Grumbling to Gratitude

23. From Isolation to Community

Part Five: A Woman’s Home

24. A Beautiful Heart, A Beautiful Home

25. Practicing Biblical Hospitality

26. Productive Planning

Part Six: Worship Is All About Jesus

27. Getting and Giving Grace

28. Invitation to Worship 



Trisha Wilkerson is a blogger for The Resurgence, and a biblical counselor and women’s leader at Mars Hill Church. She is the wife of Pastor Mike Wilkerson who oversees Redemption Groups at Mars Hill. They are the parents of four young children and make their home in Seattle, Washington.



"This devotional book offers plenty of heart checks to assess not only the work that we do, but also our motivations and aims as we go about our work ... My work looks and feels like a pile of never-ending tasks. Trisha has helped me to see that those piles are actually opportunities to worship the Lord of glory who calls us to do everything in humility, without complaining, and heartily as unto the Lord, in dependence upon Him to accomplish His work in and through me." - Kristie Anyabwile ~ Pastor's wife, Mother of 3, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

"Biblically-saturated, refreshingly honest, and practically helpful, this book is a gift of encouragement and inspiration to women like myself who want to work heartily while being motivated and sustained by the life-giving grace of Christ." - Keri Seavey ~ Pastor’s Wife and Biblical Counselor, Living Water Community Church, Vancouver, Washington

"These personal insights clothed in a practical and spiritual way are refreshing. This timely book should focus our minds on the Lord Jesus Christ so that we worship God 'whatever, whenever, however'." - Carine MacKenzie ~ Best-selling author of children’s books, Inverness, Scotland

"Trisha examines the many facets of life that every woman faces, then draws you back to the gospel through her heart-probing questions at the end of each chapter." - Karen Cheong ~ pastor’s wife and ministry leader, Sojourn Community Church Louisville, Kentucky

"She renewed in my heart a passion to work as worship for all that Jesus has done for me. This book will be very helpful for those of us who are learning how to work as unto the Lord." - Jessica Thompson ~ Jessica Thompson Co-author of Give Them Grace Poway, California