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Ever in Thy Sight: 31 Devotions on the Psalms (Kuyper)

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Lexham Press

Well-known as a public figure and theologian, Abraham Kuyper was also, like David, a man after God's own heart. His profound thought was energized by a vibrant faith. It is fitting that the Psalms--the anatomy of the human soul--inspired abundant meditation for Kuyper as he endeavored to apply Christ's Lordship to all of life.

Translated and introduced by James De Jong, these thirty-one meditations on the Psalms reveal the devotion of a seasoned saint who remained faithful to his Lord.


Table of Contents: 

Introduction by James A. De Jong

  1. Definitely Blessed
  2. A God Who Shows His Wrath Every Day
  3. Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabachthani!
  4. A Worm and Not a Man
  5. I Am Poured Out like Water
  6. Those Who Cannot Keep Their Souls Alive
  7. I Shall Not Want
  8. Be Lifted Up, You Everlasting Doors
  9. The Sins of My Youth
  10. Who Is the Man Who Fears the Lord?
  11. Upright in Heart
  12. You Completely Transform His Illness
  13. You Set Me before Your Face Forever
  14. Renew a Steadfast Spirit in My Inmost Parts!
  15. Brokenhearted
  16. Like a Green Olive Tree in God’s House
  17. Like a Deaf Viper
  18. Important People Are a Lie!
  19. Even the Rebellious Live in Your Presence
  20. Disloyal to the Generations of Your Children
  21. So That Glory May Dwell in Our Land
  22. Unify My Heart
  23. Trouble and Sorrow
  24. Anointed with New Oil
  25. Light Is Sown for the Righteous
  26. The Heart Humbled by Hard Labor
  27. Like a Lost Sheep
  28. The Lord Is Your Keeper!
  29. Forgiveness and the Fear of the Lord
  30. Like a Weaned Child
  31. Do Not Neglect the Works of Your Hands



Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), a Prime Minister of the Netherlands and founder of the Free University of Amsterdam, applied a revived confessional Calvinism to all areas of modern Dutch life. The faith that inspired him and his followers in this effort is captured in his published weekly meditations.



"Here are the devotional thoughts of one of the most significant Protestant thinkers of the last 150 years and from the most formative period of his influential life. This treasure is both timeless and timely." — R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"[Kuyper] is my favorite devotional writer." — Richard J. Mouw, President emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Deeply rooted in Scripture, refracted through experiences both rare and commonplace, enlivened by Kuyper’s lively imagination, these meditations lead us along the confrontation between a most holy God and our various spiritual aspirations—from hope to doubt, trial to repentance, pride to joy." — James D. Bratt, Professor of History emeritus, Calvin College