Evening Exercises for Every Day in the Year (Jay)

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This devotional by William Jay is an excellent tool to be used for each morning of the year. Filled with Christian truths and the Word of God, Evening Exercises will leave you with plenty to learn and meditate on. This volume includes daily devotionals taken from various scripture passages. Each devotional is a manageable one-page length.

The following pages, it is believed, will be found to differ a little from works of the same species; especially in making the exercises always express more fully the import of the textual motto at the head of them, in the arrangement of greater diversity of subjects, in the selection of more passages from the less observed and less improved parts of Scripture; and in the seizure of hints of instruction from the more indirect and incidental strokes of the sacred penmen. 



The Rev. William Jay (6 May 1769 – 27 December 1853) was an English nonconformist divine who preached for sixty years at Argyle Chapel in Bath. He was an eminent English Congregationalist minister of Regency England.