Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs: Wisdom's Searching and Finding (Nielson) (Paperback)

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Poetry speaks to us as whole people, appealing in unique ways to our imaginations and emotions as well as to our intellects. Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes are beautiful Old Testament poetic books that answer two of life's deepest questions: "What is the meaning of life?" and "What is love?" Kathleen Nielson takes us on a journey into these image-filled Scriptures, equipping us to relish God's Word in poetic form.

Living Word Bible Studies offer a guide into deeper study of God's Word, one whole book at a time. Five days of questions in each lesson lead the way to careful textual study, with helpful context and commentary woven throughout. The aim is to read the Scriptures—and to learn to read the Scriptures—with ever increasing discernment, delight, and conviction.



Kathleen Nielson (Ph.D. in Literature, Vanderbilt University) has served as an English Professor, conference speaker and author.



"With rich insight and wisdom, Kathleen Nielson invites her students ’to grapple with the text’ as she provides helpful contexts and comments along with stimulating study questions. Kathleen’s studies are good food for the soul— challenging, convicting, and very, very encouraging." — Carol Ruvolo, acclaimed author of Bible studies 

"Pastors and Christian educators are always on the lookout for rich, well-researched, reliable, helpful, clear teaching material that will get our people into the Word together, helping us to understand its meaning, to see its implications for us in all of life, and to pray it back to God. These studies supply us with exactly that." — Ligon Duncan, senior minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson MS 

"Kathleen’s studies will gently lead you to unpack the Scriptures and to sit at the feet of Jesus. With a wonderful balance of truth and application, she ensures that the journey from head to heart is a transforming one. We have enjoyed using this material in our Bible studies for years and look forward to many more titles." — Kari Stainback, director of women's minstries, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX 

"Kathleen is a gifted communicator. In these studies, with quiet restraint, Kathleen puts her communications skills to use by carefully crafting questions so that it is not her voice you hear. Rather, the student is drawn into Scripture, is given the opportunity to study the very words of God, and learns to hear the Savior speak." — Teren Sechrist, women’s Bible study teacher, Berean Baptist Church, Livonia, MI