Early Piety Illustrated: Memoir of Nathan W. Dickerman (Abbott)

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This volume contains the incredible story of the conversion and death bed of a young boy, who died nearly three months prior to his 8th birthday. Nathan Dickerman (1822-1830) was not raised in a godly home, but one day a Sabbath School Teacher invited him to come to his class. This was the beginning of Nathan's dramatic conversion.

Dying of consumption, Nathan demonstrated such unusual depths of humility and love for Christ that there was a steady stream of pastors and Sabbath School Teachers who would sit by his bed and minister to him. More often than not they would leave the greater blessed. Gorham Abbott, brother of John and Jacob, was assigned the privileged task of keeping a journal of the last months of Nathan's life. This he did with great tenderness and care. This is a book for every parent, pastor, teacher and child. It sets forth a heart-warming example of how Jesus Christ tenderly cares for his little lambs. It will be a strong rebuke to those who question whether or not children can experience genuine conversion.



Gorham Abbott was the son of Jacob Abbott, and younger brother of John S.C. Abbott. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1826, and studied theology at Andover Seminary form the class of 1831.



"During the period since I entered the pulpit, which is now about three and thirty years, I have never seen so bright and sweet an exhibition of early and efficient piety, as with Nathan Dickerman." - Rev. William Jenks, Pastor of Green Street Church, Boston