Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Bitesize Biographies (Davies)

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Unexpected? Yes. Unwelcome? Certainly, for Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was dismayed by what was happening.

The date was the 14 December 1926 and the national newspapers were using startling headlines concerning him: ‘Harley Street Doctor to become a Minister' and ‘Leading Doctor turns Pastor'. For two days, Lloyd-Jones' family home in London was besieged by newspaper reporters who all waited in vain to interview him. Lloyd-Jones even refused to pose for a photograph. There were good reasons for his negative response. He was essentially a shy man and disliked the publicity intensely. But more to the point, he had not yet informed his employers at the hospital of his decision to leave medicine to become a church pastor - and they were not pleased to hear the news first from the newspapers.

There was a deeper reason for Lloyd-Jones' dismay at this unexpected publicity. For him, the newspapers could not understand why he was leaving the medical profession, especially when he was set for a brilliant medical career and then only 26 years of age. The press was only interested in news, and the more sensational it was the better. However, the living God had been dealing with Lloyd-Jones and he felt an irresistible call from heaven to preach the Gospel of Christ.



Dr Davies is Research Supervisor at WEST (Wales Evangelical School of Theology) where he was principal and lecturer from 1985 until 2006. He spent twenty-six years in the ministry in Wales; he was Editor of Affinity's theological journal, Foundations, for eighteen years; and is currently a member of the Evangelical Movement of Wales Management Board. He is married with a son and a daughter, and is an elder in the Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff. He has written many books and papers, such as Heaven is a Far Better Place; Human Cloning; and Truth Under Attack: Volumes 1 and 2, all published by EP Books.



'When Emil Brunner called Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones ‘the greatest preacher in Christendom," he did not have the greater historical perspective that we have today. Yet the passing years , since the passing of "the Doctor" has confirmed his and many other's assessment. It is my honor and privilege to comment a new biography of this remarkable Christian leader by one who was his friend, student, fellow countryman, and a man who has made his own mark on preaching and preparing preachers, Dr. Eryl Davies. While I have read and studied the life and ministry of Dr. Lloyd-Jones, as so many others have, I found that, as I read this new book from Dr. Davies and EP Press, I discovered fresh insights and was given a new perspective. This comes from the very personal and pastoral approach that Dr. Davies takes in his book. I commend this outstanding new biography of Lloyd-Jones to both pastors, seminarians and, because of its warm, readable style, to all believers. Indeed, I think of how Lloyd-Jones would tell Christians to read a good Christian biography before going to sleep, in order to read of God's faithfulness to others and then take that demonstration of faith as a divine sedative to calm the soul. It is remarkable, then, that his own life, written by Dr. Davies, is a book that will be on my own bedside table. I pray it will find its way into many homes, and into the hearts and minds of many believers around the world.' - (The Reverend) Michael A. Milton, Ph.D. (University of Wales) Chancellor/CEO and James M. Baird Jr. Professor of Pastoral Theology Reformed Theological Seminary USA

‘Every Christian should know more about the life and ministry of Dr.D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Whether you have a slight acquaintance or have read the official two volumes of his life there are still important insights and practical lessons to be gained from reading the observations of those who knew and loved him for many years. No other man equalled Dr. Lloyd-Jones in a recognized command of the situation. There is the fascination of the great adventure he set out on when he left his medical career in London to become a preacher in Aberavon. There are the books and the recordings of his preaching which evidence his remarkable clarity and warm cogency, his unswerving loyalty to Christ, his undaunted courage. A profitable couple of hours lie before anyone reading Dr. Eryl Davies' study of this admirable man'. - Geoff Thomas - Pastor, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales

‘An excellent overview of one of the most important ministries in the western world of the twentieth century.' - Michael Haykin