Divine Providence (Charnock)

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From the famed author of the majestic volume, The Attributes and Existence of God (the finest treatment of the Attributes of God ever written), we now have this new republication of his 17th century work on the providence of God. It has been out of print since 1864, and is back in print in a limited edition. Charnock shows how God's control in the world extends to the actions of each creature, civil rule, supernatural and miraculous actions, both good and evil.

Charnock effectively shows that the events of the world cannot be explained in any rational manner other than that of a supreme providence in which God restrains the passions of men, causes his enemies to do what serves His purpose, and brings to pass the best redemptive aims.



Stephen Charnock (1628-1680) was educated at Cambridge University after which he lectured at Oxford University. He was appointed chaplain to the Governor of Ireland, Oliver Cromwell's son Henry in 1655, where he soon gained a reputation for preaching. In 1675, years after the fall of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth, Charnock became a Presbyterian Minister in London. His works, mostly published posthumously, have the characteristic Puritan concern for central gospel themes and consistent application of Biblical texts to practical problems.