Discussions, Volume 4: Secular

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Robert Dabney (1820-98), who was for forty years Professor in Union Seminary, Virginia, U.S.A., was in the opinion of Dr. Archibald Alexander, ‘the best teacher of theology in the United States, if not in the world’.

 Though it is called ‘Secular’, because a large proportion of the articles are of a secular character; yet doubtless it will be all the more appreciated because of the greater variety given in the addition of a goodly number of religious articles and poems.


Table of Contents:

1. The New South

2. Letter to O.O. Howard, Chief of Freedmen’s Bureau

3. Abstractionists

4. Defense of Dr. Dabney’s Narrative of the First Battle of Manassas

5. Narrative of Col. J. B. Baldwin, of his Secret Interview with Abraham Lincoln in 1861, Disclosing the Origin of the War

6. The Real Cause of the War

7. The Duty of the Hour

8. The United States as a Military Nation

9.  Stonewall Jackson, Lecture

10. The State Free School System

11. Secularized Education

12. State Free Schools

13. Commendation of the Study of Philosophy, Lecture

14. Labor Unions, The Strike and the Commune

15. Depression of American Farming Interests

16. The Dollar of the Daddies

17. Economic Effects of the Former Labor System of the Southern United States

18. Memoirs of Francis S. Sampson

19. True Courage: Memorial Sermon of General T. J. Jackson

20. A Memorial of Lieut. Col. John T. Thornton

21. Nature Cannot Revolutionize Nature

22. Samuel C. Anderson, of Prince Edward

23. Women’s Rights Women

24. Latest Infidelity: A Reply to Ingersoll’s Position

25. The Attractions of Popery

26. The Influence of False Philosophies Upon Character and Conduct

27. San Marcus River

28. Death of Moses

29. Baptismal Hymn

30. A Sonnet to Lee

31. Annihilation

32. First Texas Brigade at the Wilderness