Discussions, Volume 2: Evangelical

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Robert Dabney (1820-98), who was for forty years Professor in Union Seminary, Virginia, U.S.A., was in the opinion of Dr. Archibald Alexander, ‘the best teacher of theology in the United States, if not in the world’.



  1. Uses and Results of Church History
  2. What is a Call to the Ministry
  3. Memorial on Theological Education
  4. Lay Preaching
  5. The Public Preaching of Women
  6. Theories of the Eldership
  7. On Dangerous Reading
  8. On Co-Operation
  9. Our Position
  10. Ministerial Support
  11. Pastoral Letter on Ministerial Support
  12. Prelacy a Blunder
  13. Wall Street Church Decision in the United States Supreme Court
  14. Speech on Fusion with the United Synod
  15. The Revised Book of Discipline
  16. 'Christians Pray for Your Country'
  17. Christian's Best Motive for Patriotism
  18. A Pacific Appeal to Christians
  19. On the State of the Country
  20. What is Christian Union
  21. Broad Churchism
  22. Fraternal Correspondence
  23. Fraternal Relations
  24. The Atlanta Assembly and Fraternal Relations
  25. The Pan-Presbyterian Alliance
  26. 'Pan-Presbyterian Alliance'
  27. The Southern Church and the Presbyterian Alliance
  28. The Dancing Question
  29. The Sabbath and the State
  30. The General Assembly of 1881
  31. A Thoroughly Educated Ministry