Discourses Suited to the Administration of the Lord's Supper (Brown)

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John Brown, born in 1807, did his most influential work as minister of Broughton Place, Edinburgh, from 1829 till his death in 1858. From 1834, he also served as professor of Exegetical Theology in the Divinity Hall of the Secession Church, and some thousand students passed through his classes.

His “Expository Discourses on the First Epistle of Peter” are well known but his “Discourses on the Lord’s Supper” have not been. In this volume are discourses and sermons given before, at, and following the administration of the Lord’s Supper after the Scottish practice. They form a treasure chest of devotional material dealing with all aspects of the Lords’ Table including:

* Importance of Public Worship, and of due Preparation for it

* The Nature of the Lord’s Supper

* Unworthy Communicating

* Self-examination

* Gethsemane

* The High-Priesthood of Christ

* The Distinguishing Characters of a Christian

* The Redeeming Love of God

* The Love of Christ

* Habitual Remembrance of Christ Recommended

* The Christian Exhorted and Encouraged to Exertion

* On Keeping Ourselves in the Love of God

* On Praying in the Holy Ghost