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Created for Worship: From Genesis to Revelation to You (Due)

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Noel Due has produced a hugely important work into the biblical theme of worship, demonstrating the centrality of worship for human existence. He traces the theology of worship in the Bible and shows its significance for all the people of God. There is a comprehensive analysis of 'Worship' from Genesis to Revelation, investigating captivating areas from worship in the letters of Paul and Peter to Jesus and the transformation of worship. 

As Christians we should aspire to worship God with all of our being, and Noel Due reveals to us the intensity of the battle for true worship and sheds invaluable light on the issues informing our understanding of worship.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Battle for Worship
  2. Worship in the Biblical Prologue (Genesis 1-11)
  3. The Patriarchs and the Exodus: Contrast and Conflict
  4. Worship in the New Land
  5. Jesus and the Transformation of Worship
  6. Worship in Hebrews
  7. Worship in the Letters of Paul and Peter
  8. Worship in the Book of Revelation 



The Rev Noel holds the degree of BTh and the Graduate Diploma of Pastoral Studies from Flinders University of South Australia. Noel was previously the Pastoral Theology Lecturer at the Highland Theological College. He gain his Doctor of Ministry from Highland Theological College in 2003. He was Senior Pastor of Coromandel Baptist Church, Blackwood, South Australia until 2009. He currently serves as Regional Resourcing Minister for the Queensland District, Lutheran Church of Australia.



"Dr. Noel Due's work ...provides a thorough account, especially, of the worship of the patriarchs and that of the temple era. It does an excellent job of showing how Jesus fulfils Israel's worship. I have on a number of occasions wanted to have a book like this to assign to my seminary students in classes on worship, and I'm very grateful to Dr. Due for meeting that need in an excellent way." - John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

"Here, at last is a book about worship which truly honours and uplifts the Lord Jesus Christ as its central theme and object. Moving systematically through the whole of the Scriptures, Dr Due shows how worship provides both the fulfilment of our humanity and the focus of our sinful rebellion. Here is close scholarly observation, blended with sharp, contemporary relevance. It is a treasure-trove of insightful analysis of major themes, central doctrines and even whole or part books of the Bible, as they relate to 'the chief end of man'. This tour de force of Biblical theology is a gale of fresh spiritual air: it is brilliant." - David Jackman, engages in a worldwide ministry for Proclamation Trust, London