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Complete Works of Thomas Boston, 12 Vols.

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The first two volumes contain Boston's sermons on the Shorter Catechism and "Forms of Personal Covenanting."

Volume 3 contains 37 sermons and two treatises: "The Crook in the Lot" and "The Unity of the Body of Christ, and the Duties the Members Owe One to Another" (on 1 Cor.10:17). "Unity" is an excellent 65 page treatment of the communion of saints, worthy of being printed alone.

Volume 4 contains forty miscellaneous sermons. The eight sermons on Philippians 3:8 are an outstanding exposition of the excellence of Jesus Christ and the duty of believers to esteem Him. It also includes a short treatise on "The Distinguishing Characters of Real Believers."

Volume 5 expands this theme with two lengthy treatises: "The Distinguishing Characters of True Believers" and "The State and Character of Believers." Boston writes about the believer's relationship with God, the church, conversation, enemies, evil times, work, and the world to come. This volume also includes "The Art of Man-fishing."

Volume 6 contains 280 pages on "Miscellaneous Questions" and "Miscellaneous Tracts," of which nearly a hundred pages are devoted to the subject of baptism. This volume also includes sixteen sermons on various subjects; the sermons on self-denial and repentance are masterpieces.

Volume 7 includes Boston's brief "Explication of the First Part of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism," "The Marrow of Modern Divinity" by Edward Fisher with Boston's accompanying notes, and nine sermons. Highly recommended are Boston's sermons "The Everlasting Espousals" (Hos. 2:19) and "The Mystery of Christ in the Form of a Servant" (Phil. 2:17).

Volume 8 contains "Human Nature" and "The Covenant of Grace".

Volume 9, fifty-five miscellaneous sermons.

Volume 10 eighteen sermons on the names and attributes of Christ, five sermons on the Christian life, and ten miscellaneous sermons.

Volume 11 offers six discourses on prayer, a lengthy treatise on the covenant of works, and a treatise on fasting and humiliation in one's life and family.

The concluding volume contains Boston's famous "Memoirs." This is an excellent set of books to read, particularly for ministers of the gospel.

Boston's sermons are models of sound exegesis with experiential piety and admonition.

We trust that Boston's writings will cause many to agree with John Duncan, who wrote, "Thomas Boston was a common place genius-not a common place man but a common place genius." Or with another writer who said that Boston did more "to fan the flame of true piety in Scotland than that of any other single minister in his generation."



Thomas Boston (1676–1732) was a Scottish church leader. He was educated at Edinburgh, and licensed in 1697 by the presbytery of Chirnside. In 1699 he became minister of the small parish of Simprin, where there were only 90 examinable persons. His autobiography is a record of Scottish life, with humorous touches, intentional and otherwise. His books, The Fourfold State, The Crook in the Lot, and his Body of Divinity and Miscellanies, had a powerful influence over the Scottish peasantry.



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