Christ in the Camp: The True Story of the Great Revival During the War Between the State (Jones)

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You have hear of the First and Second Great Awakenings, but are you aware of the remarkable movement of God that broke out during the greatest internal conflict in American history? Now, chronicled by the man dubbed "The Fighting Parson," you can read about the other "great revival" that resulted in tens of thousands of men fleeing to Christ. 

This unique book chronicles through letters and memoirs by dozens of surviving veterans, many thrilling accounts of the spiritual victories witnessed by the army chaplains, missionaries, colporteurs, and Christian officers- men who preached and promoted the Gospel of Christ with unstinting faithfulness and zeal in the Southern armies. Through death and disease, hardship and loss, these men of God toiled ceaselessly for the cause of Christ.

Well has the author stated that "any history of that army which omits an account of the wonderful influence of religion upon it -which fails to tell how the courage, discipline, and morale of the whole was influenced by the humble piety and evangelical zeal of its officers and men- would be incomplete and unsatisfactory." This book is a legacy to the history of those "triumphs of Grace," otherwise unrecorded in this world.



John William Jones was born in Louisa County, Virginia in 1836. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1860 and enlisted as a private in the Confederate army after Virginia seceded in 1861. He was appointed regimental and then corps chaplain, earning the title of "The Fighting Parson."