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Christ Formed in You: The Power of the Gospel for Personal Change (Hedges)

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Shepherd Press
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The central claim in Christ Formed in You is that it is God’s purpose to change us by progressively making us more like Jesus, and that this happens only as we understand and apply the gospel to our lives. In this book we will explore the transforming power of the gospel from several angles.

Part One focuses on the foundations for personal change. We will look at God’s ultimate goal in transforming us, the key to transformation, which is the gospel itself, and the application of the gospel to our lives in specific ways.

Part Two then takes up the pattern of personal change. It explores the captivating beauty of gospel holiness with its demands that we both kill sin and grow in grace by the power of the Spirit, and the quest for joy that motivates us in this pursuit and strengthens us in the battle for holiness.

Part Three focuses on the means of personal change, the tools God uses to transform us. These final three chapters, while building on the foundation of the gospel discussed earlier in the book, are the most practical. We will learn how God uses spiritual disciplines, suffering, and personal relationships in the body of Christ to conform us to the image of Christ.


Table of Contents:

Part One: The Foundations for Personal Change

1. Restoring God’s Broken Image: The Goal

2. The Key to Transformation: The Gospel

3. The Curse Is Canceled: Justification

4. The Cure Has Begun: The Heart

5. Closing the Gap: Sanctification

Part Two: The Pattern of Personal Change

6. Captivated By Beauty: Holiness

7. Killing Sin: Mortification

8. Growing in Grace: Vivification

9. The Quest for Joy: Motivation

Part Three: The Means of Personal Change

10. Training in the Spirit: Disciplines

11. The Refiner’s Fire: Suffering

12. Life Together: Community  



Brian G. Hedges is the lead pastor for Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, Michigan. He has been married to Holly since 1996 and they have four children. Brian is also the author of Christ Formed in You and Active Spirituality. For fun, Brian enjoys reading, playing golf, hanging out with his family, and watching good movies. 



“Brian Hedges brings a beautiful clarity to our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pulls together a comprehensive patchwork of the Gospel’s implications for everyday life. The result is a precise and practical picture of a lifestyle rooted in grace. This is a Gospel primer that I will recommend again and again.” — Paul David Tripp

“With clarity, balance, common sense, and a relentless commitment to keeping his eye on the goal, Brian Hedges sets the fullness of the gospel to work on the lives of believers, wielding it like a craftsman to shape us into images of Christ.” — Kris Lundgaard

“Brian Hedges has done the church a great service in writing this book, which reveals the God-intended path of sanctification. The ultimate goal in spiritual maturity is to transform believers into the image of Christ. Those who apply the message of this insightful book will, by God’s grace, find themselves growing into authentic Christlikeness.” — Steven J. Lawson