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Charles Simeon: An Ordinary Pastor of Extraordinary Influence (Prime)

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No one had greater influence for the good of evangelicalism in the nineteen century than Charles Simeon and— amazingly—his influence remains, not least in his endurance under opposition and his encouragement and training of young men to teach and preach. Many men—like John Stott— acknowledge their indebtedness to Simeon's example and the pattern he set for expository ministry.

The book aims to be more than a biography. Rather its purpose is to identify and share the teaching Simeon gave concerning preaching and its purpose, and the importance of training young men. It outlines the concern for the Jewish people Christians should have (a subject of contemporary neglect) and the importance of establishing the principle of balance, whether discussing election and human responsibility or any other issue that sadly divides Christians. He explained how often the truth is to be found not in one extreme or the other, or even in the middle, but in both extremes at once.



Rev. Derek J. Prime, M.A., S.Th., born in 1931, was converted to Christ in his early teens. His desire to preach the gospel was encouraged and confirmed soon after that, and he has served two churches as pastor – Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church, West Norwood, London, for twelve years and Charlotte Baptist Chapel, Edinburgh, for eighteen (1969-1987). While at Lansdowne, he was President of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (1966). Since 1987 he has given his time to writing and an itinerant ministry.



“To be recommend to all Christians. It cannot fail to instruct, challenge and enthuse.” – Sinclair B. Ferguson  

“Will soften the heart and strengthen the resolve of anyone hoping to establish a ministry known for fidelity to the gospel.” – David Helm