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Canons of Dordt Replica Coins


Presenting the Limited Edition of the prestigious Dort Medallions presented in antique gold to the international delegates and in antique silver to the Dutch domestic delegates of the Great Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619.

The unknown 17th Century artist depicts with startling detail the iconic Synod itself on the obverse side with Mount Zion on the reverse.

The historic medallions professionally minted according to the exact Dordrecht specifications of the expansive 58.5mm in diameter (4mm/90g).

Includes premium velvet burgundy showcase with a Certificate of Authenticity explaining the unique history and exquisite detail of the medallions awarded the esteemed divines of the august assembly meeting from November 13, 1618 to May 9, 1619. Set also includes two easels and complimentary Cambridge Dort Commemorative Pen.