Calvinus Sacrae Scripturae Professor (Calvin as Confessor of Holy Scripture) (Westminster Discount) (Neuser)

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Calvinus Sacrae Scripturae Professor collects the paper presentations and seminar reports by the following prominent international Calvin scholars: Heiko A. Oberman, James A. DeJong, James B. Torrance, Wilhelm H. Neuser, Paul E. Rorem, Richard C. Gamble, Richard Hörcsik, Cornelis Augustijn, Luke Anderson, Erik A. de Boer, I. John Hesselink, Francis M. Higman, Nobuo Watanabe, Irena Backus, Adrianus D. Pont, Mitsuru Shimura, Jeffrey R. Watt, and Kwang-Woong Yu. Ranging from essays on Calvin's spirituality to his life in Geneva and Strasbourg, this volume is a sourcebook of the brightest scholarship in Calvin studies, covering many of the most significant areas of current inquiry.